Adaptive MSP

Proactive, Affordable Managed Services

AdaptiveMSP from Adaptive Technology Group consists of a comprehensive IT services offering that provides affordable proactive IT management and support of your infrastructure. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, Adaptive Technology Group provides you with piece of mind that your technology will be available and operational 24x7x365.  Through our unique proactive approach, coupled with our business continuity solutions, you can focus on your business.

It's not just about monitoring, that just lets you know something is wrong, and it’s not just about remote access to your systems to troubleshoot issues.

Its about optimization and proactive maintenance to detect and resolve issues before they impact you. 

  • Have you ever had a simple issue turn slowly bring your machine to a stop?

  • Have you ever spent hours trying to resolve an application error?

  • Are you frustrated with the speed and performance of your workstation or server?

  • Do you frequently get responses from your current IT provider telling you to upgrade but fail to receive information on why?

Upgrades and IT expenditures are inevitable, and many times very costly to the organization, but proper planning and reviews can assist you in budgeting and understanding when, why and how much, as well as understanding how you can realize the benefits and ROI of your IT infrastructure. 

We encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation of your IT infrastructure and how Adaptive Technology Group can assist you with all your technology needs.

Datacenter Design

Co-Location and In-House data center design

 Looking to expand your business online, or find a more efficient way to keep your employees productive. Let us assist you with designing a server room, test lab, or find you Co-Location space that fits your needs and budget!

Adaptive Infrastructures

Business or Technology, which one controls your change?

In the new era of technology, business leaders are facing a new challenge - how to make technology work for them. One of the challenges the new technologies bring with them is how to build out a solution that will adapt to the ever changing business needs, instead of allowing the technology to control your business.

At Adaptive Technology Group, our goal is to assist you in determining business needs, and designing an infrastructure which can adapt to your business, and ensure peak productivity for all members within.

Relocation Management

Looking to move your offices or datacenter?

We provide a project management service to ensure that your technology services are relocated with minimal downtime and headache. This includes datacenter and lab prep, electrical and connectivity provisioning, and space planning.

Spam Management

Tired of spam?

Are you and your employees spending too much time each day sifting through your e-mail to delete spam, or are you missing e-mails from co-workers, customers, partners, and other important business contacts due to high amounts of spam? We have an award winning solution to solve these daily struggles and maximize your productivity!!

How much is spam costing your organization?

View the 22 levels of filtering technology!

How it works!

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